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General Information​

Blocks of Crypto is a project that aims to integrate Bitcoin or another stable coin / cryptocurrency into Minecraft. There are a few ways in which we will attempt to do this:
  1. Premium currency ("Tokens") pegged to a specific cryptocurrency value, exchangeable at a variable rate to in-game, non-premium currency
  2. Quest and season pass system, quests earning non-premium currency and other in-game rewards and the season pass being purchasable with tokens, quests of a lower quality/reward available for free
  3. Exchange from non-premium currency to tokens will require special, rare entities called "Traders"
    1. These traders are spawned by players and can be killed
    2. Converting currency with a trader takes a certain amount of time
    3. If a trader is killed while converting the amount, they give the killer a set amount: half the initial in-game currency spent to initiate the trade, the other half is distributed amongst the miner network
    4. If a trader manages to survive and completes his trade, the tokens will be redeemable from his character (likely by right-click -> menu access), but ANYONE will be able to redeem the tokens, so users will have to protect their traders
      1. A small amount of tokens will be deducted as fee, and from that fee a further amount will be distributed to the miner network
    5. Trader spawn eggs are rare finds in the world / rewards from quests / special drops during events
  4. Miners, which will when placed join the miner network and make their owner eligible for distributed rewards
    1. Rewards / payouts will come from in-game transaction fees, a part of every fee in the game will be distributed to the miner network every 10mins
    2. Every day, a variable amount of tokens will be split amongst the miner network, giving miner owners a dependable source of income
    3. Miners can be picked up by any player, again requiring their owner to protect them well
  5. Items (tools, armor, etc) can be inbued with tokens to grant special effects, such as granting a tiny amount of tokens whenever a mob is killed (% chance)
...and more to come.

Development is underway with a fair amount of progress, but it's slow as I'm the only developer working on it and I have a full-time job as well. I start tertiary studies next year, so I'll be further occupied.

In short, the roadmap for now is to get an alpha version with an economy, tokens, miners, and traders out by end of December 2021.
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